Pitching To One Of The Largest Venture Capitalists in China

Sarah Zerina Usmen and Laurie Tsou pitched "Russian Red #7" film at 1010 Wilshire (a luxury lifestyle community of entrepreuers) to Sunny Cheung and other exceptional financial types with great applause. So impressive in fact that a Pasadena Angel stated he wanted to invest two units toward the film! Their project, along side other impressive start-up endeavors, were lucky enough to get Sunny's suggestions and comments. These start-up teams are interested in China market and/or capital. More information on Sunny Cheung, Investment Director at Green Pine Capital; CEO of Autotiming Inc:

As one of the early developers of Internet in China, Sunny Cheung was in charge of ChinaNet core network development in 1995. He founded ‘Window of Shenzhen”, the first Internet website, as well as the first BBS “SZBBS”, in China. Mr. Cheung has over 20 years experience in telecommunication, internet, and venture capital industry.

Sunny Cheung has joined Green Pine Capital, one of the most renowned investment firms in China, to head its TMT team in 2009. He has led the investments in 20 projects since 2009. His investments focused on culture industry, e-commerce, mobile internet, artificial intelligence, etc., with the total amount over RMB 150 MM. “7road”, one of the internet game projects he invested in, was sold to Changyou.com, a Nasdaq listed company, at the price of USD 100 MM in 2011. His other notable investments include Nashine, Lewatek, SocoGame, and Jiapin.

He invested in Nashine, an artificial intelligence R&D company, in 2011 and has been intensely involved in this project since then. In 2013, Mr. Cheung has set up Autotiming Inc and became its CEO, to promote Nashine technology’s application in captioning synchronization & video search globally.

Other guest speakers:

Grace Liu, CFO of Autotiming Inc.; Chief Investment Director of Kuangchi Pine Capital

Eric Feng, CTO of Autotiming Inc.; General Manager and Chief Architect of SEWISE and Foream

Florence Zhou, Business Development Director of Autotiming Inc.