Luo-yi is a Chinese woman who seems damaged and brazen, a person few would care to relate to. 


She works as a nude model in Paris, France and attends art school. There, she struggles with racial discrimination, though France makes up the largest group of Chinese people in Europe. 


Through flashbacks, we glimpse into Luo-yi's devastating past (ten years pior) as a pregnant and HIV positive teenager in Beijing.  We eventually come to realize how she became such a fallen person. 


Even in the depths of her struggles, she expresses a certain kind of guile and courage that challenges social stigma and juxtaposes conventional ideals of love, individual freedom, loyalty, and tradition in France and in China - two countries in cultural opposition. 


Though Luo-yi’s life is collapsing after she makes mistake after mistake, she decides to confront her repugnant scars and rectify the false narrative she’s been living to save herself, her family, and the unexpected love of her life.

Currently, the film is in Pre-Production.


 They Say Love is a Virtue





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